7 Best Way to Go to Sleep : How to Fall Back Asleep

How to Fall Back Asleep

Everybody needs 7 to 8 hours sleep every night to get a good sleep. Good sleep is refreshing our body and give new positive energy to start a modern day. But sometimes, there are too many reasons that we can not reach enough sleep, because of a lot of work to do or another thing that make us stress, all sorts of technology in this modern days, and distractions. Do you feel not right in the morning? Do you get a headache or feel so tired even you just woke up? It means there is something wrong in your routine of sleep.

A lousy routine of sleep affects overall health, dull skin, and trigger cardiovascular disease. It means that is important to get better sleep. Finding the perfect balance that allows you to get your 8 hours sleep, comfortable rest, and all things well done. It is necessary for having a good sleep goes hand in hand with overall health if you want to be pleasant humans on a daily basis. So, how is the way to get a good night’s sleep? Here I tell you some tips to get your better sleep!


Avoid Electronic Devices: How long before bed should you turn off electronics?

Nowadays, electronic devices like mobile phone, computer, laptop, and television are like a part of human life, especially for modern people and teenagers. It’s such general issue in the last decade since we are coming up with more electronic devices that we keep with us all time along the days. As I told you above that, it’s one of the distraction to get better sleep.

It has been proven that using the electronic devices before your bed can damage your quality sleep. The habit of playing mobile phone before you go to bed is terrible. Anything with a digital display emits light that can reduce the amount of melatonin. It can hinder your ability to sleep by tracking your brain into thinking that it’s still daytime. So, if you want to sleep well just avoid all the electronic devices, turn off your mobile phone, television, or others that can disturb your sound sleep.


Your Bed is Just for Sleep to make comfortable

Have you ever doing some works in bed? Or do you watch the television in bed? If you do it, definitely you have to move from that bad habit. You should avoid other activities than sleeping and sexy time in your bed. Remember that bedtime is sleep time. Besides that when you do your work in bed, it will make your bed in a mess. Then it’s not comfortable enough to take a rest. Try to find another best place to do your work and watch the television in your family room.


Good Stuff Make a Perfect Comfortable Room

Talking about having a comfortable place to take a rest and sleep is not apart from the selection of good stuff. A lot of us think that to buy high-quality stuff means living a life of luxury, but the reality is that it can drastically change the way you sleep. Make your bedroom an excellent place to take a rest and relax; it must be quiet and comfortable. Choose the best one for your bed, and also have a super smooth and warm blanket accompany you to sound sleep.


Going to Bed with a Clean House

After you set your better bed, having a comfortable bedroom, and avoid the electronic devices, the next way is to make sure that your house is clean. Some studies have shown that people who have cluttered spaces tend to have more sleep problems. So, make sure that your rooms are organised well, neat, and clean to help you reduce anxiety and get better sleep. Take about 15 minutes before you go to sleep to check around the house, having no stuff scattered, prepare all things that you need for tomorrow, then you can sleep without any anxiety an wake up with a good feel. To clean up your kitchen, you can see some tricks to clean your kitchen tools here.


Have a Routine

Have a routine to go to bed; you need to be consistent for this. Your body needs to know when to it be ready for doing activities or when it’s time to sleep. Remember that you need 7 to 8 hours of good sleep.


Proper Exercise

It doesn’t mean that when you do hard exercise, your sleep will be better. According to several studies when you do hard workout may be your sleep be less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours. Of course, that condition is not good. So, it’s better to make it balance, have a proper exercise in good portion. Try to do full body workouts like Swimming, yoga, and jogging, they all are excellent and easy to do.


Don’t Forget to Pray

The last but not least is don’t forget to pray before you are going to bed. Say thank you for today and ask for His Bless during your night’s sleep.


Good night and have a good sleep!

You will get your better sleep by maintaining a routine and implementing the ways. Good night and have a good rest! Then be ready for the next day!