The Top Reason Why You Should Have Vitamix Blender at Your Kitchen

vitamix is better than ninja

Undoubtedly the best blender presently offered might be the Vitamix. From the superb efficiency to the warranty, it’s a welcome accessory for any family cooking area or even for a commercial use in restaurant.

Some the people may be surprised with the price that the expense of buying a Vitamix blender can vary between $400 to $550 – simply a little around the pricey side.

This is why the competition getting warm when a Ninja claims better than Vitamix but comes with a cheaper price. But don’t worry, if you are not anticipate having to pay over $400 for any new utterly new blender – a refurbished Vitamix might be the next most intelligent option.

Why Is Vitamix the best alternative?

For more than twenty years now, the Vitamix company occur to be producing high-quality blender in the United States – supplying tasks to the local individuals. They’re a properly-known household name producer for that extraordinary quality and seven-year service warranty.

The 2 horsepower motor comes from the Vitamix blender can do breaking lower the smallest of active ingredients for example flaxseed. It is likewise adequately strong to interrupt lower the toughest of active ingredients for instance Ice effortlessly.

The two horsepower motor also produces sufficient heat to develop restaurant grade natural soups – away from the pitcher. So this blender is very suitable for you who like to make a hot soup with a blender.

What sets the Vitamix aside from their rivals the Ninja Kitchen is the superior design and quality parts. More affordable other alternatives to a Vitamix usage plastic parts that tend to put on lower with time. The Vitamix, however, utilizes stainless gears and couplings that are much more trustworthy. For this reason, they might offer this sort of remarkable service warranty period.

How’s the performance?

1. Advantages

The Vitamix forces through frozen fruit and ice with no problems whatsoever likewise it mixes up veggies for eco-friendly healthy smoothies much better than my old blender. That old blender regularly left small flecks of green spinach within my smoothies, nevertheless, with the Vitamix, my smoothies are, well, smooth. So, I offer like button for this stuff!

I completely love the tinker tool. It relaxes the lid from the Vitamix, and it has a lip that stops you versus inserting it excessively, which means you can tamp away without any stress and anxiety about reaching the blade.


The Vitamix is, in fact, loud. However, it isn’t really like I usually make shakes while somebody in the home is sleeping, making this not a concern in my experience.

The jar I’ve is exceptionally tall, indicating I should keep the base and also the container individually. Once again, not a large handle my experience personally, however, if you merely were attempting to bare this on the counter below your cabinets, this can be a problem for you. Vitamix does create a newer design having a much shorter jar, but the cost is $528 on Amazon. And I have read it does not work along with the design using the taller jar.

How about the Price?

I compensated simply a little over $300 in my Vitamix at Costco, when it lasts me even fifteen years, it’ll cost you me $23 annually, which appears completely sensible in my experience. A $40 mixer changed every 3 years would need me to pay $13 every year. Or maybe a $100 mixer replaced every 5 years would put my annual rate at $20, that is almost as good as the Vitamix!

I ‘d really rather purchase one incredible blender which will serve you for a long time to make sure that I do not have to keep tossing away low-cost blenders. Also, I will not participate in all stunned if my Vitamix lasts more than fifteen years, in addition to in that circumstance, the annual expense is going to be a lot more sensible.

Could you acquire a cheaper blender that will serve you for a prolonged time? It’s in theory possible, nevertheless I wished to ensure that things I purchased would last, low-cost I see these in smoothie stores helped me feel quite confident concerning their performance and staying power