Some Tricks to Cleaning and Sanitizing Kitchen Utensils

Cleaning and Sanitizing Kitchen Utensils

For Women, beside make home look expensive, cleaning kitchen tools is a common activity. Sometimes, There are some problems to make the kitchen tools clean easily and eventually it spends a lot of time and energy.


There are some tricks to Cleaning and Sanitizing Kitchen Utensils:

1. Microwave Cleaning Secret

The microwave is a kitchen electronic device that has function to cook and heat food quickly.It’s very easy to use, but the cleanliness must be maintained.

  • Clean with wet paper towels
    We can use a kitchen towel or paper towel to clean the microwave. Especially for microwaves that have food stains on the inside and outside. Let’s start to wet the kitchen paper with water but not really wet. Put the wet paper towel in the microwave and heat it on high for 3 – 5 minutes, until the paper towels cool down and use it to wipe the microwave. The steam from the paper towel will soften the grime in the microwave.
  • Clean with lemon juice
    Lemon is also a natural antibacterial. That is why Lemon is often mixed in cleaning solutions. In addition to cleaning the microwave, Lemon juice also gives a refreshing aroma. Prepare a microwave-friendly bowl and fill with half of water. Slice the lemon juice into two pieces or four pieces, squeeze the water, and put the fruit into the bowl.Put the bowl in the microwave and Heat it on high for 3-5 minutes, roughly until the water boils. Let it stand in the microwave for 10-15 minutes then remove the bowl and wipe the microwave with a soft sponge.

2. How to Clean a Blender

A blender is a familiar tool, especially for me who almost every day uses it to make my favorite juice. It’s very easy and fast, it helps me to serve my breakfast quickly. It is important to ensure the cleanliness of the blender every day. So, how do you clean it?

  • Fill the blender glass half with warm water. Add 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid in it. Also put some pieces of lime peel, to help remove the smell and the food left on the cutting knife. Press the blender button and turn it on for 20 or 30 seconds. Turn off the blender and rinse it out.
  • According to Jill Grimes, He is a family physician and author. There is a more simple way to clean blender, we just need a little water and a drop of dish shop. The way is same like before, but the material is simpler. Remember, when we clean blender button, we should use alcohol to keep the electrical circuit under the button have good function.

3. A Quick Coffee Pot Tip

Who doesn’t like coffee? I think coffee is one of favorite beverage in the world. Some people choose to use a coffee maker to make their best coffee. In this way, how do you clean the coffee maker? Yes, we still need a lemon. Furthermore, we need to prepare some ice and salt. Fill a quarter of the coffee jug with ice. Slice the lemon into 4 pieces. Squeeze two pieces and put them all in the jug. Next, add 2 tablespoons of salt and turn on the coffee maker as if we will make coffee for 2 minutes. After that, rinse with running water.

4. A Coffee Grinder Trick

Before we use the coffee grinder we must make sure the coffee grinder is clean.We must always clean the grinders regularly to remove the remaining coffee and increase the life of the blade. To clean and remove smell from the grinder is very easy. We can clean the grinder with rice and only takes five minutes. Put a handful of rice, Grab a handful of rice and place it in the grinder. Make sure if the blade grinder is completely covered by rice.

We can use both white and brown rice, most importantly the rice is completely dry.Grind After the blade is covered with rice, you can start to grind it until the rice becomes powder. It will clean up the rest of the coffee or spices in a coffee grinder. Stir the rice powder and dump the remaining powder into the trash. Clean the grinder, Use a wet towel and wipe the inside of the coffee grinder. The towel will clean the remaining grains of rice in the grinder.


5. Coffee Cup Saver

  • We will use vinegar and salt to clean a coffee cup. We start to mix vinegar and salt, then rub on the stains on our glass or coffee cup. Then, wash as usual using dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly.
  • We can use Baking soda also. Baking soda is widely used to whiten teeth, brighten knees and black elbows etc. Baking soda has many other functions, baking soda will be used to treat stubborn stains on a coffee cup, glasses or teapots. sprinkle the baking soda on the stain, then rub with a sponge. After that, wash as usual using dishwashing soap and rinse thoroughly.


6. Cheese Grater Tip

If you like cheese, you must be familiar with this tool. Sometimes, it is difficult to clean and it can not be cleaned only with a dishwasher sponge. But there is a simple way to clean it. We just need a clean toothbrush or a clean pastry brush handy. It will be easier to clean when the sticky cheese is dry.Cleaning with a toothbrush or a pastry brush handy can reach the grated food left between the blades.This applies to all foods you grate with a cheese grater for example carrots, garlic or potatoes.


7. Clean a Cast – Iron Pan

Usually, It is a bad idea if you clean iron pan with usual way. It’s because every kitchen tools using different materials. We must maintain its well-oiled nonstick surface with not use usual liquid soap and not scratch it with a rough surface. Use a few tablespoons of salt and paper towel. Next, rinse it and replenish oil film with a dab of cooking oil. It is the way if the iron pan not cleans with water and a soft dishcloth.


8. Disinfect The Garbage Disposal

With a mixture of half cup baking soda and a half cup of white vinegar is used to remove the smell of garbage cans. Let stand for 5 minutes then pour the trash can with hot water. And another way, Can also use ground ice cubes with white vinegar. Put ice vinegar into the trash can while doused with cold water.